RiP: A remix Manifesto (Full Version)

December 16th, 2009 by Chaz (0) Industry

This might seem off topic but with artists doing dub plates on a hip hop or R&B beat this really comes across to us as well.  As a DJ I see something like this as an eye opener.  More people are taking music that is not conventionally theirs and they make it theirs.

Seeing as how this is 101Vibez we keep it 101% Caribbean/West Indian .Major Lazers made a song that “featured” Vybz Kartel called Pon di floor.  DJ Jamie C created a mashup that would appeal to the American crowd.  Now the beat/riddim that this is on is from neither artists.  My boy, DJ Clint Daniels, came to my crib spinning the original track with Diplo and Afrojack called How I Like It.  You can say that their add-on was unnecessary.  If you understand that Clint Daniels is an Electronica DJ and I am a Hip Hop Reggae DJ you can see that it reaches different crowds in their different context.

Now going to an entirely different culture we have Sergio Mendes that created Magalenha which Busy Signal voiced over it to create Up In Her Belly.  A search on any site that has user uploaded videos you can find several techno, dance, trance, and other remixes of that song.  At one point i was working on that sample to make a mashup.  You have to realistically see how far your music will reach to see that you may never be organically part of that culture as a mashup from that country that brings the two countries together.

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Usher Major Lazers Mashup

Documentary: Haitian Hip Hop

November 17th, 2009 by Chaz (0) Industry
So I stumbled on this on my quest to understand the Haitian Hip Hop scene.  All the years that I have been going to Haiti I only knew of Kompa, American Hip Hop, and Wyclef.  Never would I have thought that Reggae from Jamaica would be as big as it is because of the language barrier.  I also never knew about Hip Hop in Kreyol, the language of my people.  Even when I was down there recently I took it to be something that recently surfaced but this documentary  explains so much more the history of hip hop in Haiti and also the reason why it would surface.  That reason is to voice your tiny, tired voice.  B.I.C is a prominent group.  You can equate them to Gully, Gaza, Dipset, G-Unit, and so on.  They do their own thing but also are affiliated with the group.  B.I.C and Rock Fam are basically like Gully Vs Gaza.  They have basically formed gangs  having “slogans”, graffiti, hand signs, sound rivalry.

Haitian Movie Final-H.264 800Kbps Streaming
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Documentary: Music of Jamiaca

November 16th, 2009 by Chaz (0) Industry

A rude ting dis. I just find a documentary on how music in Jamaica came about. A 101 Vibes tings. Believe nuff tings fi come. Dis speak of a early early root of reggae and its evolution from ska music to the development Studio 1 and more.  I’m still watching it so sorry for the short description.  I’m up in this.

Story of Jamaican Music 1.1
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Reggae Dancehall: No Holdin’ Back

November 5th, 2009 by Chaz (0) Industry

This is 1-0-1 VIBES. Ya undastand what I’m sayin. Yu nah have to be black, green, or gold fi listen to it. Neither do you need a passport fi enter di lands of reggae. It crosses all boundaries of discrimination and racism. I Chaz, the Chasin Haitian, grew up on reggae and explored the different regions of it my whole life. I listen to Kompa, Zouk, Soca, Calypso, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Hip Hop, R&B and any other music that comes from the soul. No matter what you label it or where it come from it have a place here, in your heart. No matter where you come from your music education or just general education there is a place for you here.

This is a MTV Base documentary that states the influences of reggae. This is so worth your bored office time or before you go to sleep…..ehh just watch it. There are pauses in the video just fastward it. Bless VP for the link.

French Reggae Scene

November 3rd, 2009 by Chaz (0) Industry

All my French, Haitian, French Canadian, Martinicans, Africans big up yuself. This gives me the vibes of that culture party. Small and everyone is into the music. Not one person thinks they are above people that they cant express their love for the tune. Anyone deh pon New York holla at me if you have a link to reggae vibes like this. 347.878.VIBE