Plezîn Nap Pran Performs in Closed Session

March 17th, 2010 by Chaz (0) Kompa

This is for my old school Haitian music fans. I DJ’d a family function and I was quite embarrassed that I didn’t have any of the big band music. I love this sound it is so rich and full. I hope you all enjoy even with the language barrier.

Carimi – Men Poul La Karnaval 2010

February 13th, 2010 by Chaz (0) Kompa

Sorry for being bias but this is my joint!! Cant wait till Labor Day.  My BK massive stand up.  I’m hoppin over that barrier early.  Shout out to Brooklyn btw.  West Indian capital of NY.  Big up Canarsie, Crown Heights, Flatbush, East New York.  Queens stand up Ozone Park, Richmond Hill, Hollis, and Jamaica hold it down.  A special shout out to Cambria Heights Linden especially.  Who else is on the check in?

Warren – Si Ou Renmen’m

October 10th, 2009 by Chaz (0) Kompa

I have to admit I’ve been a bad Haitian the past few years.  This should make it up.  Warren put out a crazy track.  I can’t lie the last Haitian video I watched was probably on VHS of Top Vice with those crazy effects and the keyboard guitar.  Much improved.  The music hasn’t changed and thats a good thing.  For those that cant understand, it’s about a guy in love with his girl and he is asking her to accept him how he is.  I can definitely feel that (yes ladies men do it too).  If you don’t understand the music your self good lookin Haitian dance teacher and you won’t care but you will love the music.