History of Gully Vs. Gaza

October 8th, 2009 by Chaz (0) Artist

When it comes to Dancehall now adays it seems that the biggest news is Gully verse Gaza. The word Gaza mi say and Gully mi say seem to be on every mixtape because of the Twins of Twins latest release named, you guessed it, Gully Vs Gaza. If you were to travel Jamaica you would see tags of Gully or Gaza. You hear reports of violence because of the feud. Where exactly did the feud start?

Well once upon a time Gully nor Gaza didn’t exist. Kartel was Killa’s right hand man and Mavado was just buzzing. The only war we knew of was Bounty Vs Beenie. The final round to me was on the Show Off Riddim. Hands down Bounty earned his title as the victor. All though Kartel and Beenie weren’t going at it Kartel was on Bounty’s side because he was part of the Alliance.

What happens next was much like what happened between The Game and 50 Cent.  Now remember around this time D’Angel left Bounty for Mr. Moses and later on she became his wife.  Kartel was chatting with Beenie, calling himself the 5 Star General, and all sorts of things Bounty would see as betrayal.  This is basically what lead to Kartel being kicked out of the Alliance.

Kartel put out tracks, and records and showed the Dancehall community that him still have it and he nah need Killa fi mek money.  At this point the rising star Mavado becomes Killa’s right hand man.  Kartel has the Empire and he is doing him with the occasional shot to the Alliance and its members.    The shots became more so at Mavado.  This is when the whole Mafrado and Song Writer thing come out.  There were reports of people from the camps doing drive by’s and fighting and the war was on.  Both of them from different Mavado from Casava Piece and Vybz Kartel the Portmore representer.  This fared into the Gully Gaza territories.  The artists that supported either artist became a part of the camp.

Then Sting ’08 come and people wanted a clash.  The clash came and went with mixed feelings from fans and the artists.  Kartel said he was ready to clash any day, any time, any mic.  Mavado on the other say “anyway” and moves on stating that he doesn’t need to be like jack the ripper killing dead people aka Kartel.

I think Kartel won the clash because is supposed to showcase lyrical talent.  Mavado barely said anything that wasn’t “level”.  This is the same reason why Beenie lost to Killa on diss tracks.  Mavado is more versatile as far as making songs and can create a hit, something that you can hear in the club and just dance to but Kartel is not to far behind.  He has improved in that category.  He has been on some conscious tracks and held his own and is also able to create witty lyrical tracks.

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